My Story

We live in a beautifully neurodiverse world. Yet this world is not always friendly to the neurodiverse. It can be frustrating, confusing and challenging for neurodiverse individuals, their parents and family members to navigate.

When you are neurodiverse, it can feel like it is all up to you to adapt and camouflage your differences to fit into a world that just doesn’t ‘get’ you.

What if we could create a neurodiverse-friendly world, where you could be you and you or your family member could experience inclusion, autonomy, wealth, joy and freedom? Where neurotypical teachers, employers, service providers, friends and loved ones know how to adjust and adapt to your way of being and communicating and could celebrate your unique talents and gifts?

My interest in creating this world stems from my own personal and professional experiences, as a mom, friend, colleague, university and college professor and therapist to many unique and gifted people who have attracted the label Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I know how to walk between the neurotypical world and the neurodiverse world, acting as translator, navigator, advocate, educator, support worker, therapist and coach. 

My goal is to travel with you in your neurodiverse world and together we can figure out how you can create the life you want, or support your loved one in creating a life that is valued and meaningful. Together, we can create a neurodiverse-friendly universe.