I work with neurodiverse youth, adults, parents and family members to provide individual and family therapy related to issues which may include:

      • Deciding whether to pursue a diagnosis
      • Understanding the meaning of your diagnosis
      • Stigma and identity issues related to your diagnosis
      • Decisions about treatment, interventions and services
      • Navigating school systems, health systems and the workplace
      • Anxiety, social anxiety, loss, grief and depression
      • Sex and gender identity
      • Sensorimotor issues
      • Body image, restricted eating, physical health and well-being
      • Family, friendship and romantic relationships
      • Social and life skills development
      • Setting life goals
      • Career planning
      • Difficult life transitions 
      • Human rights 
      • Self-advocacy and political advocacy
      • Creating a life of meaning, satisfaction, contribution and belonging

I adopt a very personalized approach with each individual and family, which may include the use of narrative therapy, feminist therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), sensorimotor therapy, art therapy, critical consciousness-raising, positive psychology, coaching, and mindfulness.