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Sofia Champion
BA, MA (in progress), Administrative Coordinator

Sofia (she/her) is an MSc student in the University of Toronto’s Department of Anthropology, and a late-diagnosed autistic woman.

She began working as the Administrative Coordinator for Wendy McGuire’s practice in late March 2022. In this role, Sofia serves a variety of functions, such as answering client inquiries, processing client information and payments, and helping to facilitate the ACCEPT groups. As a student, Sofia has designed a research project investigating how adult-diagnosed autistic women, acting as members of a broader community of adult autistic women, develop their own understanding of their condition in conversation with clinical descriptions. Her special interest is in parrots.

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Interested in joining the team?

Are you a neurodivergent and LGBTQ2SI+ affirming Social Worker or Registered Psychotherapist (Q) keen to work with neurodivergent folks and their loved ones? My practice serves a diverse client base, including youth, adults with newly, self, and late-diagnosed Autism and ADHD, couples, families, and groups.

People come to me to explore their neurodivergent traits, experiences, and identities and to develop strategies to improve emotional regulation, school success, and relationship and career satisfaction. None of these can be fully achieved without sweeping changes in communication and understanding across neurotypical and neuroatypical ways of sensing, knowing, and being.

I am looking for innovative individuals who are willing to modify traditional modalities and invent new neurodiverse-friendly therapeutic strategies to apply to join my team and be a part of a movement to build capacity for neurodiverse-affirming care.