The training I provide is all delivered from within a neurodiversity-affirming paradigm.

Whether your organization delivers services to neurodivergent clients or customers, or you want to build capacity within your workforce for better communication across neurotypes, I have something to offer you.

In the public service sectors, I feel an urgency to ‘get the word out’. The educational experiences of neurodivergent kids and young adults are rarely remembered fondly. We hear story after story from neurodivergent adults about how they have been misunderstood, had their concerns minimized, and suffered outright harm at the hands of the people meant to help. I know people want to do better, but how?

Very little of the content I deliver is written down. Anywhere. Very few people can deliver the training I deliver. Yes, there are other neurodiversity-affirming therapists. There is emerging neuroscience research that is changing the way we think about the brain and nervous system. There has been an explosion of neurodivergent activism. Just check out Tik Tok and Twitter.

What I do is use my academic background to bring all these things together to teach people how to deliver neurodiverse-affirming care, and how to get the most out of a neurodiverse workforce, in practical and concrete ways.

I have a decade of experience teaching budding social workers in higher ed classrooms. Training in the workplace makes my former university professor self very happy (plus…no grading!). The knowledge embedded in my training programs is based on research, my experience as a therapist working exclusively with neurodivergent youth and adults, and my own personal experiences with neurodivergence.

How do I know that my framework provides an altogether different experience of therapy to these clients? The relief. I see it over and over again. Finally, someone gets me. As we work together, I modify traditional approaches, keep some, and throw others out. Much of what I have learned is transferable across contexts. It’s about understanding and communication. This knowledge of what works and why is what I want to impart to you.

Have a look at the offerings below and if you don’t see the right one for you, get in touch through the contact form and I will customize the training to your needs.

For health and mental healthcare providers:

    • Neurodiversity-Affirming Framework for Health and Mental Healthcare
    • Traditional Therapeutic Modalities: Why Don’t They Work for Neurodivergent Adults?
    • Neurodiversity and Adult Behavioural Therapies (CBT/DBT): Problems? Possibilities?
    • Neurodiversity and Gender Diversity
    • Neurodiversity and Trauma
    • Working with Neurodivergence in Couples
    • Destigmatizing Identities: How Not to do Harm

For agencies that support youth and their parents:

    • Neurodivergent Young Adults: Different Pace, Different Paths
    • How Can I Support my Neurodivergent Young Adult?
    • Neurodiversity and Sex and Gender Identity and Expression

For accessibility and wellness services at universities and colleges:

    • Neurodiversity-Affirming Framework for Higher Education
    • Neurodiversity and Gender Diversity
    • Neurodiversity and Trauma

For organizations seeking greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace:

    • Neurodiversity 101 for the Workplace
    • Communicating Across Neurotypes

Contact me for more information and a price list: